Guardian of the cardiovascular -sacha inchi oil

on December 15, 2022
Do you know? Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases occupy the first place in China's disease rankings, and health care products that regulate cardiovascular function have now become one of people's choices, such as lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, arteriosclerosis, softening blood vessels and so on

Blockage of blood vessels will cause some serious diseases to come to the door, especially three highs, stroke, and myocardial infarction is the most serious. Both young and elderly people need to pay attention to these problems 😱
Blood vessel blockage is slowly accumulating, cardiovascular preference for people [irregular diet, overeating, high oil, high salt, high sugar] [long-term smoking] [lack of exercise] [often stay up late] [stress, negative emotions] ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ These are the culprits ❗ of blood vessel blockage
The best solution is to use #Omega-3 to clean & dissolve the "garbage" ❗ that accumulates in the blood vessels
Omega-3 can only be obtained from food, which is an essential fatty acid ❗ that the body cannot make itself

Known as the "King of Omega 3", #sacha inchi oil  has an Omega 3 content of 45%-55%, far exceeding that of fish oil 👍

The #sacha inchi oil extracted using advanced cold compression technology of the sacha fruit has the reputation of "vascular scavenger", which can:

✅ Cleans blood vessels, dissolves bad fat accumulated in blood vessels, and lowers cholesterol.
✅ Reduces high blood pressure and reduces blood lipid content
✅ Improve blood concentration, prevent blood vessel occlusion and related diseases
✅ Prevention of stroke (blockage of arteries in the heart and brain)
✅ Heart disease (blockage of arteries in the heart)

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