The benefits of eating pumpkin

on December 02, 2022
The benefits of eating pumpkin

1. Detoxification

Pumpkin is rich in pectin, pectin has good adsorption, can adhere to the body of bacterial toxins and harmful substances, such as mercury, lead, etc., can play a detoxification role.

2. Liver protection

Pumpkin contains ingredients that can destroy harmful substances such as pesticides and nitrites in food, which can help patients with weakened liver and kidney function and enhance the regeneration ability of their liver and kidney cells.

3. Laxative beauty

Pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin A, the former can promote gastrointestinal motility, improve digestion, and make the stool unobstructed; The latter can make people's skin more moisturized and plump, and has a good beauty effect.

4. Blindness

Pumpkin is one of the fruits and vegetables rich in β carotene, a nutrient that converts into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A enhances the eye's visual clarity in dim environments. Play a role in the purpose.

5. Enhance immunity

Pumpkin is rich in polysaccharides and vitamins, calcium, zinc and other minerals, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, that is to say, often eating pumpkin can strengthen the body and improve the body's immunity.

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