The four major skin-nourishing effects of collagen

on December 02, 2022
The four major skin-nourishing effects of collagen
1 Moisturizing
Collagen contains a large number of hydrophilic natural moisturizing factors, and the triple helix structure can strongly lock in the water of the stratum corneum, so that the skin remains moist and supple at all times.
2 Brightening
Collagen's complexine residues can compete to bind to the enzyme complexazime, thereby inhibiting the production of melanin, promoting the skin to be translucent and white, rejecting dullness and pigmentation.
3 remove wrinkles
The rich collagen layer in the dermis will support skin cells, stretch coarse lines and fade fine lines.
4 stretch
Collagen abundance gives skin tissue elasticity and anti-tension, maintaining the skin's "lightness"
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